Traveling : What to eat in Yogyakarta and Surakarta..Foodgasm!

After a hectic month, Jakarta – Bandung, Jakarta – Yogyakarta in every two weeks for a business purpose.. Finally, I can easily take a breathe and break from my everyday tiring activities. This year, We don’t have any special travels destinations yet We still have lot of lists to save our money (house , interior, TTC program and what so ever) . So, We (especially I) decided to ask my Husbands, Mom and Dad – in Law to come and pick me in Yogyakarta (after a very “dramatically” business trip) and had a kind of Family Road Trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and Solo , and back again to Jekardah.

This Holiday dedicated  to treat our parent. Last time, Cumamih had a promise to his parents ; If He Had more money, He would like to take them holiday , back to their hometown (Yogyakarta and Solo) and Alhamdulillah It came true. What so special on this trip were We had so much fun to find and eat a local food. So, What we found on this trip ?? Let’s take a look.

1. The Best Bakmi Godog On Earth – Warung Sabar Menanti  (and still not lot of people much know about this place, catagory: ANTI MAINSTREAM) 

Well actually, this was a special treat from my client. So , cumamih and his parents were not there. Just me and my other colleagues .

The location is in Muntilan (a probably take one hour from Yogyakarta, Jl. Magelang). I don’t know exactly Where I was at the time because We were there at 11.00 pm and the place just like a common “Warung” (is a type of small family-owned business — often a casual shop, a modest small restaurant or café — in Indonesia and to a lesser extent, Malaysia. A warung is an essential part of daily life in Indonesia)  very spooky and so empty ( I was like in a scene of Horor Movie). Pathetically, the server was not fluently speak Bahasa Indonesia. So, I was asking our driver to order some food (better brings local..hahaha). We ordered Bakmi Godog (Noodle Soup), and Bakmi Goreng (Fried Noodle) with double Fried Eggs. What so special of this Warung? All the food were cooked by the Iron Bar (or in Bahasa called Areng). My client asked to try a “Mumi” and so did We order a kind of curious food it is. We were guessing that it is a kind of drink but when it came.. TADAA!

“Mumi” : A chop part of chicken bone and cauliflower with ketchup sauce cooked by charcoal taste like a sweet of heaven (and because posted Noodle’s Soup is too mainstream, so I post MUMI)

Another special story from this Warung..The Chef.They were look like a zombie in walking dead series.. I am not kidding but the truth.. They were just so sleepy , because it was already late night and They had to open just to serve this delicious food..hahaha and maybe the concept of MUMI was inpired by them ( this is kidding, well you can ask them directly if you want)

As you can see here. The Chef
As you can see here. The Chef

Some Tips to go in this place : You have to come in very late night or else you can call for reservation ( order in advance via telephone). Because the stove was one and only and They cooked with Iron Bar , so It took a long time until your food was served. Just like the name.. “Sabar Menanti” means Patiently Waiting .. so you have to be very patience. Patience worth for the taste..

Price : IDR 10k – IDR 15k

2. Sate Klatak Pak Pong, Imogiri, Bantul , Yogyakarta

For those culinary seeker, This place is not common anymore. One of the Best food I ever come in this road trip. The place were also a Warung. They served Satay Kambing Muda (a Young Lamb) and meat with special seasoning. Another special thingy were Those Sate Klatak that We order was served with the Sticks from Bicycle Spokes. The Name of Klatak came from its sounds “klatak, klatak” when it served to the plate..that’s Why it called Sate Klatak..

From Left to Right : Sate Klatak (the one with the Bike Spokes) , Tengkleng, Tongseng and The Ketchup (Black Soya Sauce)
The Iron Man 😛

Tips : You must try all the food that serves in Here. Sate Klatak, Tongseng, Sandung Lemur (I missed it..zzz) and Tengkleng. What kind of food is that ? Just Try… becareful of your Cholesterol ..hahaha! Don’t forget to try the HOT TEA.. so heaven..Come for dinner.

Price : IDR 12,000 – IDR 20,000 / portion

Locations : Jl. Imogiri Timur (mengarah ke arah stadion)  , 085 629 39093

3.Sate Buntel, Surakarta / Solo 

Let’s move to Surakarta , Solo – Our another hometown (read : moms and dads). This place is one of heaven for culinary seekers. Must Try Food is Sate Buntel , a full of lamb roasted stick served with ketchup soya sauce. Taste like heaven…

Sate Buntel Price : IDR 30K

Locations : Jl. Tambak Segaran (Jl.Syutan Syahrir)

4. The Best Es Puter in the World — Solo 

I don’t know, what feels so being different with this ice cream. It’s good and fresh. After ate a sate buntel,  I tried to eat the ice cream and surprisingly I haven’t felt so fulled (not like the other ice cream).It taste less milk and it’s more taste to coconut milk.

IMG_4405Location: Wherever you are in Surakarta, you can find a kind of “food truck” but it is more Indonesia versions (read: more smaller, we called it gerobak). They will be in Alun – alun, near by market, on the road.

Price : IDR 4k

5. Es Dawet, Pasar Gede

Pasar Gede was the biggest market in Surakarta / Solo (at that time). It’s only the market place but also a place for a good food. This is also my favorite place , everytime I go to Surakarta. One of must visit and eat were Es dawet Ibu Wiji . If you notice on my previous blog, this woman were on my posted and without any different She still alive , healthy and the Es Dawet (Dawet Ice) are still taste very good as the old time.

JOG4Price : IDR 5k

Locations : In the middle of Pasar Gede (near by the meat market section)

Tempting ? Let’s try the heaven on earth. Only in Indonesia, you can find those kind of fooodssss..

Have a good day all 🙂

mrs. prasstyo

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