(Review) Feel Homey on Airbnb Akabane Kita – Ku , Tokyo

Berhubung ini akan dibaca oleh khalayak umum internationale, jadi saya akan menggunakan bahasa inggris seadanya ya geng.

So yap, let’s skip the Day -3 story  (which i’ll write it later  after this post )  to the Airbnb experience .

It’s so difficult to choose which House or Apartment would be our accommodation for #theprasstyoJPN. Tokyo has so many choices starting from a so so one until the best one.  Moreover, We choose the one that were suitable on our budget..hahaha! My husband , Mr.Prasetyo found a room that clean enough , an apartment with a good view and as well in quite place. We are actually a city kids, so every time We travels, We always look for a quite place that can also mingle with a local people and finadlly We found Koji-san house. We booked the house for 7 days in Tokyo. It’s still on our budget, the room was only 45 USD / night / room for 2 people. A bit tips for you.. to get a good Airbnb place, you have to book at least 3 – 6 months before because so many people looking forward for it, so you’d better hurry… hahaha!

Before We arrive in Koji-san place, He sent us every detail about his place like how to get there from the airport , from Tokyo , the details of the train transportation until how we can exactly can get there. He wrote about the house rules as well, he rent a pocket wifi (with the additional charge) , the house was complete already (he provided shampoo, body wash, hair dryer) and it was make me so easy as a semi – backpaker traveler…hahaha!

After went back from Yokohama trip, We were directly went to Akabane which is Koji-san place. It was not difficult to find his place because all the details has been written up in Koji-san documents (the documents that He gave it to us like a month before on the Airbnb draft). We had reached that place like almost 10 pm, and so We decided to take a rest after a tiring day 🙂

It was sunny day on our first day in Koji-san ‘s place, and guess What we’ve seen ? A great morning view *__*


My morning view from 19th floor of Koji-san apartment's
My morning view from 19th floor of Koji-san apartment’s ; Mount Fuji


It was actually boost our day 🙂

I liked to stroll around in Akabane area. The place was so lively and full of activities. It was in residential area.  So every morning we walked to the train station . We were actually can see a kids going to school, people busy catching the train , a place full of natives.

The Tokyo Mega City, The Apartment
As you can see in here.. It so clean and as well so homey right ?

About the host! 

OMG! We were so lucky to get an Airbnb host like Koji-san. His feedback was very fast on the Airbnb. His very helpful in everything. He always drew a map for us every time We went out from his place (going somewhere), like this one :

Cute MAP letter
Cute MAP letter

We went Izakaya Hopping around Akabane area. Oh yes, We got new friend from Thailand named Alita who also stayed at Koji-san’s place. We were like a family , hang out almost every night.. hahaha! Drink whisky or even sake..

From Right to Left : Alita , Koji and My Self
From Right to Left : Alita , Koji and My Self
Glass Up! Izakaya Night at Akabane
Glass Up! Izakaya Night at Akabane
Eat like a King and Queen hahaha
Eat like a King and Queen hahaha


Fun Night Out

We were so lucky to have a kind of “travel family” like this. Koji-san speaks English fluently. He wants to make a family from the whole world 🙂 His place, Akabane is not that far. It’s only 14 minutes by train from Shibuya Station. It was also like only 10 minutes walk from his apartment to Akabane – Kita station. Me and my husband always walked every morning to the station to see local peeps activities there.. it was so much fun.

Thank you so much Koji-san for a good place. It was our first experience using Airbnb and so lucky to be in your place. Akabane was awesome, had very great Izakaya place. Looking forward to see you in Jakarta 🙂

We already miss you and your place.


Hugs from ,

ThePrasstyo 🙂