A continuos story from http://www.preparetheweds.tumblr.com. A happy – go – lucky husband and wife who always seeking a good place to share to everybody. A type of Ad Agency’s couple who loves travels. A proud  Indonesian adventurer  and will always be exploring the beauty of God’s Nature. A happy life’s journey comes from a happy -go -lucky couple…

mr. prasetyo 

the prasetyo

Well known as Prass. A man who are working in Creative Industry. His interest are just to play every sport activities. As his favorite, American Flag Football and diving are always become his challenge . A typical of Leo, always tend to be forever young 😛 . A sporty guy who loves travels with his backpack . An explorer yet mingle man who loves his wife and family.

mrs. prasetyo 

the prasetyo

Swestika Atmosuwiryo, who’s just married on  last September 2012 with mr. prasetyo. Just call her  Tika.A well known writer of preparetheweds and also explore new life by theprasstyo.A young (girl not yet) woman, who are so detail in everything. A business minded who owned her kids brand and also a manager of a video online agency. A culture lover and a happy culinary, (not) A chef.  A travel freak who always brings the luggage even thought his husband a backpacker. A bit kind of anti-mainstream person, but not a hipster (because hipster is too mainstream) and that’s it.

and the story  begin


The Prasetyo’s


Mr and Mrs. Prasetyo


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Mbak Tikaaa salam kenal, aku silent reader sejak blognya msh di tumblr yang preparation wedding itu. Suka banget baca2 ceritanyaaa, terus sempet gak buka2 lagi eh taunya pindah ke wp. Pas nemu ini langsung baca2 lg ceritanya, tp belom sempet komen hehehe.. I’m one of theprasstyo’s fan deh! 😀 😀

  2. Mbak Tika, salam kenal. maaf mau tanya waktu ke bromo mas yono itu driver dari tempat penyewaan jeep? Ada nomor telponnya tidak ya? Oh iya berapa sewa jeep waktu itu? Rencana desember kami sekeluarga akan kesana. Terima kasih

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